Saturday, 1 March 2014

Peach, Pink Theme, Photobooth & Mini Dias

Was request to do a mini backdrop for after solemnization family pics.


Peach, white, kind of nude colors.... This was our first creating a couple of different size paper medallions. We were happy with the outcome, and the bride liked it too. Job well done. Alhamdulillah.

photobooth4 (34)_copy
photobooth4 (40)_copy

As for the photobooth section...

photobooth4 (71) 

Guestbook design was pink white theme.

photobooth4 (75)_copy

Photosleeve for the day.

photobooth4 (76)_copy

Couple of shots from the other day...

photobooth4 (69)_copyphotobooth4 (128)_copyphotobooth4 (66)_copyphotobooth4 (151)_copy

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