Saturday, 7 June 2014

Double Celebration Wedding Photobooth

For our fifth photobooth...

20140601_174035_upload (Medium)

Bride requested for a tiffany colour theme. Said she's very into mint-green color at the moment...

So here's what we did for the guestbook.

20140525_160132_upload (Medium)
20140525_160146_copy (Medium)

After the recent successful mini dias backdrop that I did a couple of months back, we decided to make an almost similar one for the photobooth backdrop this time round.

project5 (28)_UPLOAD

I would say after doing several gigs now, our setup is much quicker. We learn a couple of things along the way and try to improvise at every new gig we had....

Now this was slightly different. It was a double celebration (brother & sister wedding reception together held together). So we had two guestbook to manage. For family members, we try to get them to sign both the guestbooks as for friends, we inform them which out of the two guestbooks to leave their well wishes.


And other shots from that day.

project5 (30)_upload (Medium)project5 (75)_upload (Medium)project5 (12)_upload (Medium)project5 (62)_upload (Medium)project5 (49)_upload (Medium)project5 (71)_copy (Medium)

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